About Emily

Hi, I'm Emily, owner of Studio Style!

My goal is to offer easy to wear everyday clothes. Pieces we can wear to workout, but also dress up and feel comfortable wearing to brunch.

I've always loved fashion and helping women pick out outfits. My first job was at Anthropologie in high school. I was hooked on the fashion world and knew that was what I wanted to do. It was so fun for me to be creative with clothing and simultaneously build relationships. 

When the covid shutdown happened in early 2020, I felt the nudge to launch an online clothing store. First off, it was extremely hard for me to sit at home with nothing to do. I love being busy and have always had that entrepreneurial blood. Second off, fashion had taken a huge shift toward athleisure, and there was a growing need for comfortable everyday clothes.. I had found my niche- fashion & fitness. 

I went for it and launched the business with $1500 from savings to buy a small assortment of inventory. I built the website and created a home made logo... 

It's grown and changed a lot since I launched in early 2020, but I'm so glad I just went for it. I've been honored to serve a wide range of women who want to feel beautiful in their everyday clothes. I'm grateful to my loyal customers who continue to let me style them. My mission will always be to instill confidence & inspire my customers to feel their best.

My advice for anyone wanting to start their own business? Go for it. The timing will never be perfect. You have to start somewhere. You can always change it and you probably will! 

It's not easy to own a business, but it sure is rewarding. Thank you for being here!

Happy shopping!

XX Emily