Let's Talk Wine!

This week on the blog, I'm so excited to share with you all things HEALTHY wine! 

 I know for me, not all wines have the same effect on me.

Some give me a terrible hangover (even if I've just had one glass)...!

Others, I can have 2-3 glasses and not feel hungover at all.

Have you had this same experience?

Well, I noticed every time I had wine from Provision, I felt fine the next day.

Their wines also never made my face flush (like some other wines do).

So I dug in.... I wondered what is it that makes the difference?! 

I knew JUST the person to ask- Christina Quick who is the connoisseur of wines and Wine Director at Provision in Fairhope.

She taught me so much about wine since I joined the Provision Wine Club last year.

Not all wines are created equal.

I've learned it's not about wines being organic, it's about wines being "well crafted" instead of mass produced.

First off- wine is not regulated by the FDA which means wine makers do not have to disclose what is in each bottle. 

They can contain food coloring and artificial powders and chemicals that are super harmful to your health.

Learn more from Christina below!


As a leader in the wine industry, I place wine into two categories – 

  1. Well-Crafted Wines
  2. Mass Produced Wines

A mass produced wine – 

  1. Contains artificial powders, commercial yeasts and other synthetic items in its juice.
  2. Is purposely manipulated to taste the exact same each vintage (year). To achieve that outcome means a great amount of intervention and precarious additives. 

A well-crafted wine – 

  1. Allows its “terroir” (the land, soil, climate, general surroundings) to influence the grapes each vintage. Which means the juice arrives at the winery different each year. 
  2. Is vinified by a winemaker that chooses the least amount of intervention instead of manipulation, but rather enhances what the juice is already presenting from the vineyard. 
  3. Is almost always organic, sustainable or biodynamic. 

These three things are always what I look for when I buy wines for the Provision wine club, retail and bar programs. When you buy a wine at Provision, you can be confident that you are drinking a wine made with care, using natural processes and integrity.  

I personally curate wines for the Provision Wine Club each month. These wines are all well-crafted and unique. For more information, visit www.provisionfairhope.com and click on Wine Club to learn more. 

Cheers! Christina Quick - Wine Director, Provision

IG: @bamawinemomma & @provisionfairhope


Hi, it's me, Emily again!!

Bottom line- If you're not local to Fairhope, AL make sure when you're purchasing wine from other places that you find out if the wine is mass produced or well crafted.

If you are local to Fairhope, AL, check out Provision's wine selection and consider joining the wine club! It's super affordable and fun to have new delicious wines every month.