The Busy Girl Guide to Fitting in Exercise

We all know exercise is incredibly good for health and wellness and quality of life. But somehow we can still skip it. The day gets away and before you know it, you're on the couch, drinking wine and watching netflix! These 5 tips will help you prioritize exercise and get into a routine you love!

1. BENEFITS Realize just how good it is for you - anti aging, endorphins, YOU deserve this. You only have one body. I could go on and on! Write out little sticky notes that remind yourself just how worth it you are and little motivation one liners! You spend time on what you prioritize. 

2. BUDDY Opt for accountability over doing it on your own. Don't just plan to "go to the gym" but instead book a class or a training session. You're less likely to bail out if you have someone else who knows you're coming! 

3. LOVE IT Find the fitness right for you - Some people may love Crossfit, others may hate it! Some may love yoga, others hate it. You have to find what you love and what works for your body. My suggestion? Go fitness studio shopping. Sign up for your first class free and try out new classes at new studios until something sticks. You will find what you love and then it will not be a chore, but something you look forward to!

4. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Dress for it! Athleisure is our way of life now. It's so much easier to workout if you don't have to change clothes. Make it easy on yourself! Especially now that the temp is dropping, you can totally wear your workout clothes and layer up with a cute jacket and sneaks and go about your day! 

5. SCHEDULE Set a goal and book your sessions. My personal goal is 4-5 workouts a week. I love Pure Barre, yoga, and spin. But workouts do not have to be an hour long each time. Some days I just take the pup on a walk and that is enough! You can still get your heart rate up and get that endorphin release with short 7-8 minute sessions. If you work at a desk, make it your goal to do 5-10 squats and pushups or tricep dips every hour or two. Set a reminder on your phone! Take that pressure off and find your own routine!