Creative Ways to Get Your Heart Rate Up

The benefits of cardio exercise are endless. Not only is it a serious mood booster and stress reliever, it’s also a fat burner. Cardio also strengthens the immune system and increases cognitive ability. If you don’t have some form of cardio in your weekly routine, it’s time to add it in!

Cardiologists and trainers recommend fitting in some type of cardio and heart rate-spiking exercise in your daily routine.  Aim for adding 30 minutes of cardio in your day, 3-5 days a week, depending on your fitness goals.

The first thing that pops in most people's mind when they hear the word “cardio” is running. For many, running might not be the most exciting form of cardio exercise... That’s why we have pulled together a list of 10 creative ways to raise your heart rate!

  1. Jump Rope

Grab your rope and jump to it! This form of cardio can be one of the quickest ways to increase your heart rate. The best part - you can jump rope just about anywhere! Jump rope has it’s own benefits. It increases coordination, blood flow and circulation, and bone density. 

  1. Power Walk with Bala Bangles 

It’s time to pick up the pace! For those new to cardio exercise, power walking is a great start. Take a 30 minute walk around the block or hit the treadmill (on rainy days) while adding extra weight on your wrist or ankles with Bala Bangles. Aim for a fast pace and for a bonus, climb the hills!

  1. Bike

Help the environment and your body by switching out your car for a bike on your next trip to a nearby store. Start off on an easy bike path, then as you gain endurance take on hills or even off-road trails to raise your heart rate. 

  1. Power Yoga

The simple, yet fast-paced flow of power yoga will take your workout to the next level. The heat will have your heart working and the moves will have you sweating.

  1. Dance Classes

Let the music make you move. Dance classes don't have to be only Zumba classes, they can be swing dancing, tap dancing, ballet or salsa. 

  1. Hiking

Take your cardio to the great outdoors and enjoy the breath-taking scenery while spiking your heart rate. Exercising outside will not only increase your cardio fitness but will also boost your mood. 

  1. Kayaking/ Paddle Boarding 

If you are a water-loving person, incorporate your cardio exercises by kayaking or paddling in the nearby water. This is a fun way to get some exercise while being in a relaxing environment. 

  1. Organized Sports 

Many cities have adult sports leagues that group together people who not only want to have fun but also be healthy. Whether you sign up for kick ball, tennis, soccer, flag football or basketball, this is a guaranteed way to have fun while exercising. 

  1. Swimming 

Take your cardio fitness to the pool! This low-impact form of cardio will engage both your legs and abs while protecting your joints. 

  1. Take the Stairs 

Stairs can be found anywhere and also count as a cardiovascular exercise. The stairs are great for focusing on your major muscles groups including legs and glutes. 

 A key part of maintaining and keeping a healthy life is cardiovascular exercise. So, don’t just feel confined to running when there are many ways to get your heart rate up. Try out these forms of exercising and find what you enjoy doing the most. It’s time to get moving!