5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Morning

successful and consistent morning routine is beneficial to all day productivity. 

With these 5 simple tips you’ll be ready to jump out of bed and get your day started on the right foot! I love to learn new habits and ways to better my life and mental health.

Here are some of my ideas for a productive morning routine that you can easily adopt. If all five seem a little too much for you, don’t fret! Start with 2 or 3 tips and then gradually increase to reach your ideal healthy morning routine. 

What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.  So let's do this!

1. Don’t hit snooze

Set an alarm the night before and try a more peaceful tone (sometimes aggressive alarm sounds make me dread waking up) and resist every urge to snooze it in the morning.

Going back to sleep after snoozing will make you tired and groggy.

Pro tip: keep your  phone away from the bed so you have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off.  

2. Let the sunshine in 

Some good ole sunshine in the mornings benefit your brain and body in numerous ways.

Open your curtains and let the sun in.

3. Read or write

I love to start my day with reading. Even if it's a quick 5 minute devotional to set the tone of the day.

Another option is to start your day with journaling to set a positive attitude for the rest of your day. The more I write about what I’m grateful for, the better I feel about myself and life.

Journaling is also known to help manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. 

4. Make your bed

This sounds so self-explanatory, but seriously having a clean space is so important. This simple task allows you to check off one accomplishment for the day, making your productivity increase throughout the day. 

5. Drink water before caffeine

When we wake up, our bodies are dehydrated and need to be rehydrated with water first thing in the morning. Try to drink a full glass of water before drinking coffee.

And there you have it, 5 easy tips to set the tone for the day!

Share your morning routines with me by posting a picture and tagging us!