5 Day Ab Challenge

Hi friends!

We are SO EXCITED to collab with Sweat with Jess. 

We've come together to give you the ultimate 5 day ab challange!

4 moves.

5 days.

This 5 day ab series builds every day. Your core will burn and you will feel SO strong.

Only equipment needed is a mat and bala bangles or hand weights.

We will do the same moves everyday but change up the reps. 

So join us on Monday Aug 2 live on IG to kick it off!!!


 Sound fun?!?! Let's do this!


1. Alt V-Up Crunch with Bala

2. Full Body Crunch to Upright Row with Bala

3. Plank, Bear, Plank Jack

4. Plank to Alt Leg Cross Over


Day 1:

10 reps each side


Day 2:

12 reps each side


Day 3:

15 reps each side


Day 4:

20 reps each side



Day 5:

25 reps each side